Meet our Pupils

Edward, Head Boy 

My name is Edward and I joined Handcross Park School in Reception. Once I joined the school, I immediately felt like a part of the Handcross Park family and settled in easily with many friends to help guide me along the way. From the start I have thoroughly enjoyed school life and I am so excited for Year 8.

At Handcross Park I have taken part in so many fun and educational activities, which have both challenged me and taught me valuable skills. The Leadership trips such as the trip to Snowdonia, the fun trips to LegoLand and Thorpe Park and every day activities such as learning to fly drones with code in the sports hall are all experiences that I will cherish.

One of the things I enjoy most about Handcross Park is the sports. I participate in tennis, running, swimming and hockey. I love doing these sports at Handcross Park because we regularly get to play against different schools in our community. I also love representing my house (Britons) in school events such as sports day and the whole school swimming gala. I also enjoy LAMDA where I have achieved Grade 3. 

At Handcross Park there has always been someone there to help you. The teachers are always there to help in any situation and make you smile. I always feel cared for and I know that there are so many people who I  can talk to at any time.

I am honoured and grateful to be chosen as Head Boy and cannot wait for the final chapter of my Handcross Park journey. I am excited for the new challenges and experiences that come with being Head Boy and will continue to make the most of all the wonderful opportunities.

Bella, Head Girl 

My name is Bella and I have been at Handcross Park since the beginning of Year 3. I was nervous on my first day, but by the second lesson I had settled in and already made so many friends. I realised there was no reason to be nervous as everyone here was so warm and welcoming.

At Handcross Park every day is a new adventure. I love all of my lessons as each one is totally different. I especially enjoy Art. We have an amazing Art and DT department, and I can often be found there with a paintbrush in hand. I also enjoy Maths, Drama, Sport and Geography. We play a wide variety of sports but Netball is my favourite.

The sports teachers arrange lots of matches against other schools which is one of the highlights of the week, everyone is included in a team whatever level you are. We love singing along to the minibus radio when we go to away matches.

We also have some amazing school trips to theatres, museums and leadership camps. The end of year trip is always the best, going to Thorpe Park or Legoland with all your friends is amazing. 

Right now I’m working towards my LAMDA Grade 4 and an Art Scholarship to Hurstpierpoint College.

I thoroughly enjoy my extra curricular clubs, whether it’s a sport, drama or DT club. There are also academic boosters if you need that little extra hand. There are so many clubs to choose from at Handcross Park and there is something for every interest. 

My favourite thing to do at Handcross Park is our school drama production, the whole year is always involved. My best ones were Mary Poppins in Year 3 and Lord of the Flies in Year 7.

I’m so thrilled to have been chosen as Head Girl at Handcross Park and I can’t wait to embark on all the adventures that will come in my final year at this wonderful school. I’m particularly looking forward to helping the younger pupils and I hope they all know that they can always come and talk to me about anything. 

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