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Boarding at Handcross Park is a popular option for both pupils and their parents. From Year 4 (age 8),  Handcross Park offers a family-style boarding experience for either full, weekly or flexi-boarders. Redwood House at Handcross Park is situated at the heart of the Main House and is a bright and vibrant, yet cosy environment.

The boys and girls each have separate floors in Redwood House. Bedrooms, described by Tatler as ‘some of the nicest dorms we’ve seen’, are individually and brightly decorated, allowing the children to personalise their space to make them feel more at home.There is also a large sitting room with a television, PS4 console, DVDs, games cupboard and a library.

Some of the nicest dorms we have seen

Tatler Schools Guide

Meal times, as with any home, are an important part of daily life. Boarders start the day with the choice of either a cooked or continental breakfast. In the evenings, the boarders come together, family-style, around large tables and are served a hot meal. Bedtime routines are age-appropriate, allowing all boarders the best chance to start each day refreshed and prepared for a busy day at school.

Redwood House is looked after by our resident Boarding House Parents. They are supported by a live-in Matron, school nurses and a number of House Tutors, who are also subject and class teachers. This gives Redwood House a real sense of community. Children are supported emotionally and educationally by staff who are able to really get to know them, both at ‘home’ and in the classroom. There is always someone on hand to ensure children are cared for and nurtured.

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Boarding Practices and Principles

We aim to provide the opportunity for all our pupils to experience a broad and rounded education which will stretch them academically, intellectually, physically, aesthetically, musically and spiritually; which will prepare them for the next stage of their education and for life as a citizen of the 21st Century.


  • To provide a wealth of forward thinking, educational opportunities for each individual member of the school.  
  • To teach and encourage kindness within the community and the wider world.
  • To encourage each child to communicate with confidence and provide them with opportunities to develop their confidence. 
  • To teach children to respect one another and one another’s belongings.
  • To foster a high level of good behaviour and personal manners.
  • To encourage a harmonious working relationship between pupils and staff.
  • To encourage each individual to make the most of all the opportunities on offer at Handcross Park, both in and out of the classroom.
  • To equip each child with a sound knowledge of the past and wisdom for the future.
  • To prepare each individual for the next stage in their education.
  • To be a supportive and caring employer.

All children have the right to protection regardless of age, linguistic background, gender, race, culture or disability. Ensuring a secure and stable environment exists.

Handcross Park School believes that above all, a happy child is a productive child and we are proud of being a very friendly, family school. Our curriculum is broad and varied in order to give each child the opportunity to thrive.