Learning Support

At Handcross Park, we recognise that all children have individual needs and that some may need support to achieve their full potential. Our Learning Support Department encourages children with mild difficulties to recognise their strengths and abilities and to overcome barriers to learning. This helps them to access the curriculum and gives them confidence whilst working towards the end goal of passing Common Entrance.

Learning support has been transformed here in the last year, with parents and pupils bubbling over with enthusiasm for the wonderful staff in the ‘dairy’

The Good Schools Guide

Every teacher at Handcross Park has a shared responsibility for supporting individual pupil needs. The Learning Support Department consists of a small team of experienced teachers who are committed to guiding that process: building self-confidence in the pupils, communicating with their parents and liaising with outside professional agencies as necessary (eg Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists).

We support pupils in school through a variety of different ways:

  • Helping them to access the curriculum through differentiation
  • Giving additional classroom support
  • Intervention
  • Providing 1-to-1 support
  • Running group sessions to aid communication skills
  • Creating Individual Education Plans

Overall, our aim is to help the children develop multi-sensory strategies for literacy and numeracy which will enable them to be successful learners for life.

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