Our Aims and Ethos

At Handcross Park, we have the highest ambitions for all our pupils. Children at Handcross Park know that, through hard work and application, anything is possible; we call it ‘dreaming big’. We challenge, inspire and energise our pupils and prepare them for a future that can’t even be imagined today.

We are proud to be a family school with a strong culture of kindness. Children are expected to show respect and kindness to one another. We insist on good manners and high moral standards at all times and also good behaviour. 

Our Aims

Handcross Park seeks to impart or provide:

  • an environment where children are happy, ambitious, confident and secure;
  • a wealth of forward-thinking, educational opportunities that instil a love of learning;
  • each pupil with the skills to succeed in the future through an innovative approach to education and international awareness;
  • kindness, mutual respect and appreciation of diversity within our community and the wider world through our Be Trewe ethos;
  • an enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom - in particular, sport, music, performing and visual arts;

...an educational experience where pupils learn to strive for excellence in a supportive, caring atmosphere

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Be Trewe

Our School motto, dating back to 1918, is “Be Trewe”, and these two words sum up everything that we stand for:

  • Best behaviour at all times
  • Engage in lessons and activities

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Respect everyone and be kind
  • Ensure you always tell the truth
  • We forgive and forget
  • Encourage others

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