The Prep School

As you step into our Prep School you’ll immediately feel energised and excited.

Building on the strong foundations laid in the Pre-Prep, our pupils join in Year 3 and develop their independent thinking skills and a love of learning. An innovative and forward-thinking curriculum is delivered by talented, specialist teachers and we are extremely proud of the outstanding Common Entrance and Scholarship results achieved by our Year 8 leavers.

Opportunities for the pupils are plentiful. We are committed to providing an all-round education that caters for many interests and skills - the academic, the musical, the artistic, the sporty, the creative, the technical and the dramatic.

The House system within the School is a core part of the daily lives of our pupils.  There are four houses: Britons, Normans, Saxons and Vikings, all introduced when the School was founded in 1887. Each child is assigned to a House when they arrive at the School and the system encourages friendly camaraderie amongst the different year groups throughout the Prep School. There is a thriving Inter-House competitive spirit which encompasses all areas of school life.  Every child can help to bolster their House’s end result, ensuring that everyone takes enormous pride in the achievements of each individual pupil and their contribution to the House competitions.

The teachers are very inspiring - phenomenal, energetic and engaged, commitment beyond what you expect

The Good Schools Guide

The Prep School Day
8.00am Registration in Tutor Groups
8.40am Lesson 1
9:20am Lesson 2
10:00am Lesson 3
10.40am Morning break - home-made snacks, fruit and a drink are offered in the dining room. Time spent playing outdoors.
11.00am Lesson 4
11:40pm Lesson 5
12.20pm Lesson 6
1.00pm School Lunch - hot and cold options for lunch seated with staff in the dining room. Time to play outdoors, take part in a club or for quieter time in library.
2.10pm Lesson 7
2:50pm Lesson 8
3.30pm Tea Break  - home cooked snacks, fruit and a drink are offered in the dining room.
3.45pm Lesson 9
4.20pm Lesson 10
4.55pm Middle and Upper School Tutor Time
5.00pm Middle and Upper School Home Time or start of Extra Activities or Prep. Lower School Activities end.
6.00pm Middle and Upper School Activities end

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