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Technology use is at the forefront of life at Handcross Park with Chromebooks and Google Workspace tools used throughout the school. The school approaches using technology in a balanced and holistic way with a balanced and 'blended' approach to lessons. 

Handcross Park has been recognised as a leading technology innovation school. In 2020, we were named BEST PREP SCHOOL FOR INNOVATION by The Week Independent Schools Guide. In 2018, the School was awarded the status of ‘Acer Innovation School’ for our work with Technology. 

Handcross Park is a Google Reference School and regularly hosts educators from around the world to demonstrate how we use technology effectively throughout the curriculum. One visiting educator had the following to say about Handcross Park's use of Educational Technology: “There was great vision, committed pupils and teachers and a broad and creative curriculum. Never seen anything like it, it was a jaw dropping experience!”

Handcross Park also stands out from the crowd in its use of technology

The Week Schools Guide

Chromebooks are used throughout the School to enrich the curriculum:

  • Research and academic work, using Google Workspace tools and Google Classroom;
  • Online educational tools that teachers use to enhance the children’s learning experience.

Preparing our pupils for the future of education, the workplace, and the world in general is key to our curriculum. This is accomplished through gaining experience in collaborative working, conducting video-linked lessons with other schools around the world, and, of course, how to be safe online.

Examples of technology use include:

  • Google Classroom and Google Workspace Tools
  • Electronic timetables and organisational tools
  • 3D Design
  • Coding
  • Practical computing knowledge (how computers and the Internet work)
  • Using Photoshop and PIXLR photo editing suites in Art
  • Electronic notice boards
  • Parent Portal and Parent mobile application

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