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School Day


Our Nursery children's day differs depending on the sessions they are doing.  

The morning children arrive at 8.30am and go home at 12pm or 1pm depending on whether or not they stay for lunch.

The afternoon children arrive at 1pm and go home (along with those who stay all day) at 3.30pm.


Children in the Pre-Prep may arrive for Breakfast Club at 8am, with the remaining children being at school by 8.40am when the school day starts.

Lessons take place all morning with a break mid morning and lunch break is between 12pm and 1.10pm.

With further lessons until 3.20pm, children may go home then or stay for After School Activities (until 4.15pm) with After School Club continuing until 6pm.


In the Prep School (Years 3 - 8), the school day starts around 8.05am. Pupils are asked to register with their tutors by 8.15am.

Assembly or House meetings take place at 8.25am.

Lessons start at 8.45am with a break mid-morning for all children.

Lunch break is at different times depending on age group and afternoon lessons start again at 2pm.

The children have a tea break mid afternoon and then lessons finish depending on year group - 4.20pm for Years 3 and 4, 4.55pm for Years 5 - 8.  

Children may go home at this time although many opt for after school activities which run until 5pm or 6pm respectively.