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Boarding at Handcross Park
Boarding life at Handcross Park really echoes the atmosphere and diversity of a large, busy and happy family, but with the advantage that you are surrounded by friends 24 hours a day!

All the girls and boys that board are cared for by dedicated House Parents with an excellent team of Tutors, Matrons and Nursing staff, whose focus is to provide a home-from-home environment. The House Parents and their children live at the heart of the Boarding House along with a Tutor in another flat. The other Tutors live in a house close to the building and are fully involved in the children's lives and activities.

We offer both Full and Weekly Boarding options. Weekly boarders arrive at school on a Monday morning, or Sunday if this is easier for the family. Pick up for weekly boarders is on a Friday afternoon. For our London weekly boarders, we also offer a bus service in and out of the capital each week. With no Saturday School, our weekly boarders arrive home on a Friday afternoon ready to spend precious weekend time with their family.

Homework is carried out every evening during the week and monitored by the House Tutors who have expertise in a variety of the subject areas. It is our aim that when the children go home for the weekend they spend quality time with their family, with most of their work complete.

Pupils have every opportunity to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities in the evenings along with the trips and outings at the weekends.

Within the Boarding House, the girls’ and boys’ rooms are each individually and brightly decorated with the children’s personal posters and belongings. The common rooms are comfortable places where children can relax and spend time together and there is a well equipped dining room where evening snacks and hot drinks can be prepared by staff.

Ensuring the happiness and welfare of every individual is of paramount importance. Pupils are guided, supported and protected with great sensitivity and care appropriate to their age, which means they can confidently get on with the business of developing their talents and achieving success in a safe environment.

Andy Davis
Head of Boarding